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We serve as a lost and found for pets.

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To set up an appointment or for further information
Call 607-753-9386 or 607-753-8885

  • We serve as a lost and found for pets. Every effort is made to reunite pets and owners.
  • We arrange for veterinary care for the stray, lost or injured animal.
  • We provide food and shelter for stray or lost animals until it can be reunited with it's family or adopted.(Animals are kept an indefinite amount of time, as long as the quality of life can be maintained).
  • We arrange adoption of animals to a new, loving home, and pro actively strive to find good homes for the shelter animals by use of newspapers and the Internet.

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Alternatives to Surrender


We are proud to announce our new program to help people who are suffering form economic difficulties keep their animals in their homes and not surrendered to a shelter. 
  • The CCSPCA will give petfood and supplies to those in need.
  • The CCSPCA offers deeply discounted prices on our spay and neuter services so that pets owners can afford to do what is best for their animals and to ward off unwanted (and costly) litters.
  • How does someone take advantage of this program?Just ask! Stop by the shelter. Sun/Mon closed. Tue- Friday noon- 5:00pm and Saturday noon - 4:00pm. We readily give out helpful supplies as we have them, so you might want to call the shelter first. 
  • How can a small non profit shelter, with it’s own financial challenges be able to offer such a program to the public? Because of this generous community! We receive donations of various food and gently used pet products for the program, as well as donations from local businesses, consolidate these donations and make them available for those that need it most. 
  • How can I help keep this program successful? Donate! Gently used toys, beds, brushes, etc are accepted at the shelter as well as unopened cat and dog food and treats! 

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For More information stop by the shelter at 879 McLean Rd, give us a call at 753-8885 or 753-9386.