What is the Foster Care Program, and Why Is It Important?
    • The Cortland County SPCA places some animals in the homes of volunteers, who take care of them temporarily. 
    • The foster care program helps to save lives, by giving a second chance to animals who need special attention and would otherwise have a hard time becoming ready for adoption. 
    • Once the animals are ready to be adopted, they are returned to the shelter.
    What kind of animals can be placed in foster care?
    • Kittens and puppies, either with or without nursing moms, who are too young to be vaccinated, neutered and adopted; animals recovering from injuries or surgery; treatable sick animals who need socialization to become comfortable with humans or training to correct behavior issues, are first candidates for fostering.
    • Animals who simply need some quiet and TLC in a home environment are also candidates for foster care.
    What do foster parents do?
    • Provide plenty of appropriate food and shelter in the foster parent's home.
    • Ensure basic care (grooming, training and socializing).
    • Return the animals to the shelter for vaccinations.
    • Make the animals available for adoption events (such as adoptathons).
    • Once the pet is adoptable, return the animals to the shelter or put the shelter in touch with someone who wishes to adopt them.

    What does the CCSPCA provide?
    • Vaccinations for all animals.
    • Basic medical care such as injected fluids, flea and ear mite treatment, and antibiotics. 
    • Special diet food if necessary.

    How do I get a foster pet?
    • Click on the Application link below to print out a application in PDF format. 

      Foster Care Application

      If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here for more information: 

      get adobe reader

      Once you print out the application, fill it out and drop it off at the shelter. If you cannot open PDF files or do not want to download Adobe Acrobat Reader, please call the shelter or stop in for an application (607-753-9386)

    • If approved, receive short orientation.
    • Get a call from the shelter.
    • Sign a foster care agreement, pick up the animal, and enjoy taking care of your foster pet!