The Cortland Community Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Animals

Homer Central Jr. High School

Thank you Homer Central Jr. High for the $400 donation from your Extra Classroom Acivity Fund!!

Pure and Simple Yoga Studio

Thank you Pure and Simple Yoga Studio for your support of the CCSPCA!

CNY Power Sports

Thank you CNY Power Sports for a successful biker event on Saturday, May 12!

SUNY Cortland Math Club

Thank you SUNY Cortland Math Club for holding a t-shirt sale fundraiser on campus to raise money for our organization. They raised $410!

Little York Plantation Spring Fling!

Thank you Little York Planatation for sponsoring the May 5th fundraiser to benefit the Cortland County SPCA!

   A big THANK YOU to the Cortland Fitness Center!
They raised $1500 for our shelter!

Thank you to CountryMax and Petsmart for helping with cat adoptions. We had 23 adoptions at PetSmart and 30 at CountryMax!


Thank you Cortland Regional Medical Center Lab for your food & treats donation!

A big THANK YOU to the several people who made generous donations and wish to remain anonymous.

Thank you to Builders Best, Tops, Doggone Beautiful, CountryMax and Tractor Supply Company who sponsored our Santa Paws Tree promotion. Each location displayed a Santa Paws Tree in their store with ornaments on them asking for a donation of the item listed on the ornament.

Thank you CountryMax for your donation of large amounts of dog and cat food!!

Gutchess Lumber donated $1,000!
Thank you Gutchess Lumber!!

Tractor Supply Company donated a large amount of dog and cat food. Thank you!!

Thank you Walmart for your donation of dog and cat food and kitty litter!

The following groups donated a variety of much needed items from our wish list!

A big THANK YOU to:

Dryden Elementary School 3rd graders
Millard Fillmore Elementary 4th graders
CNY Horse Club
Homer Central School Food Service
Homer Junior-High Faculty
Tanner-Ibbotson, Inc.
Highland Animal Hospital from Central Square, NY

THANK YOU to the family based day care center “Spaghetti-Head Central” who donated pet food, toys, kitty litter and general cleaning supplies in addition to a cash donation!

A HUGE thank you to the Finger Lakes Kennel Club who donated $1,000 to the CCSPCA!

THANK YOU to the Youth Bureau for raising over $200 with their Zombie walk!

Thank you to Country Acres for donating Diamond's cremation.

THANK YOU to the Cortland Regional Medical Center Staff for the cash donation raised through various activites and events CRMC Employees Activity Committee during National Hospital Week.
Amy Henderson-Harr, SPCA supporter, donated a very nice computer, keyboard and mouse to the CCSPCA. In addition, she donated TEN twenty-pound bags of kitty litter AND convinced Tops to match her gift of kitty Tops donated another TEN twenty-pound bags!!! Way to go Amy. Thank you Amy and Tops.
Thank you to Walgreens for inviting us to promote the SPCA at their Cortland store. We brought along Chowder who was adopted by someone who met him at the event.

A big Thank You to the Cortland County Club Ladies Golf Association, Thursday night League, for your donation of a variety of pet foods, treats, toys, cleaning supplies, and towels, in addition to a cash donation!

Thank you to the Ramada Inn and Tribal Revival for their recent fund raiser on our behalf at the “Ramada Luau."

A big THANK YOU to Dryden Presbyterian Chruch Youth Group donation $375.00

A big THANK YOU to K-Mart in Cortland Donated a ceiling fan for our dog room.

A big THANK YOU to Family Video of Cortland for holding a bake sale with proceeds donated to our shelter!


Thank you Pure and Simple Yoga Studio for your support and fundraising event held May 7. Thank you to Gutchess Lumber, Builder's Best, Ron Rocco and Art Snyder for our much needed and much appreciated driveway repair.


Wayne Mahar presents Investigator Carr a $200 donation check from the Priscilla Mahar Animal Welfare Foundation. The CCSPCA sends a big THANK YOU to P.M.A.W.F.!

Thank you Walmart!

We'd like to extend a big special thank you to WalMart for donating two cameras to our law enforcement department. A picture is truly worth a thousand words as WalMart staff present the cameras to Investigators Carr and Sooter. These cameras will greatly aid our investigators in their criminal humane investigations.

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